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Let's sing a song

Repeat and repeat

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Hi, I'm Ana! I'm Brazilian, twenty three years old, female... I'm graduated at Language and Arts, English. I enjoy reading ( mainly sci-fi and fantasy ), daydreaming, writing ( mainly sci-fi and fantasy ), drawing, dancing, watching anime, movies, cartoons, series and a few soaps, listening to music, playing video games and making graphics even though I may not be good at some of these things.

I guess I will be sharing with you a few graphics and writings of mine, songs from singers and bands that I like a lot and quizes and memes that I find to be neat.


I kind of rotate mood themes, layouts and FO banners. I may be using:
-A Sailor Moon one by mizugazipan
-An Inner Senshi, Outer Senshi or Usagi Tsukino mood theme by starlightdancer
-A Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino mood theme by comewhatmay>
- A FF8, FFgirls, FFguys or Kingdom Hearts one by princess
- An Ever After or an Enchanted by dlaurora1955a
- A Sailor Moon one by grain_de_beaute
- A flower mood theme by lidi
- An animated mood theme by hepburnette
-A blue or pink mood theme by jfran2258
-A Mai Hime mood theme by elevationist
-A Death Note mood theme by multitudes
-A Clannad or Kanon mood theme by kneesocks
- A Sailor Mercury or Sailor Jupiter one by greenvixen
- A Gundam Wing mood theme by amiyui
-A CCS mood theme by cheesytoast
-TOA one by thumbs
-An Air one by wonderland
-A flower or weather mood theme by girlboheme
-A Disney ladies mood theme by grain_de_beaute
-A Sailor Mercury or Sailor Jupiter mood theme by green_vixen
-A Miku one by subtlety
Layout and FO banner by amavel_bel , profile codes by ninasafiri.