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11 May 2009 @ 05:02 pm
It has been a while since I wrote my last character profile. So this one is probably sucking all full of unfortunate implications. So I'm sorry for bugging you and I hope I'm not offending anyone.

Character's name: Luna Mareys
Age at the start of the story: 16

Daughter of Lisette Mareys and Ailan Glover. Sensitive, emotional and impulsive Lisette was the eldest daughter of the serious, emotionally distant Roy and the talkative and friendly Emma Mareys (maiden name Castles).

Emma's parents, the farmers Erika and Paul died of an illiness when Emma was seven. Roy's parents, Rosemary and Simon took her in because they were close friends with Erika and Paul. Roy was nine at the time. Simon was a shoe maker and Rosemary a house-wife. Two years later, Simon was killed by beats. Roy started working to support his family.

Roy also decided learning how to fight to protect his family, even though he always wanted to be a merchant and not a soldier or a hero. He trained with a former soldier, and by the time Roy was fifteen he knew enough swordfighting to protect himself and others.

Roy and Emma always shared many interests: loved buying things, were talented at getting people to do what they wanted and dreamed to travel around the world. They've always been friends.

Roy also wanted to make lots of money so Rosemary and Emma would never have money troubles.

Then Emma was fifteen and Roy seventeen, they realised they never saw each other as brother and sister and were actually in love with each other. Everyone was shocked, but eventually they got used to the idea and kept telling themselves they were not blood sibilings.
Yet, Emma and Roy's childhood friend Wanda never missed an oportunity of telling them how squicky she believed their relationship was.

Emma and Roy married and when Emma was twenty and Roy twenty two. They also became traveling merchants, always sending money to Rosemary.

One year later, Emma returned home pregnant of a baby girl. She named her Lisette. One year later Emma left Lisette with Rosemary, since as the family had grown, it also needed more money. The couple always sent leters to Rosemary asking about Lisette and tried to visit her as much as they could.

Five years after Lisette was born, Emma got pregnant again and once again returned home to have her baby, a girl whom they named Lorena. One year later she left again, but always thinking about her children.

By the time Lisette was sixteen, an oopsie happened. Lisette, who was dating a boy named Aidan got pregnant. When informed of this, Emma and Roy returned home. As it would be a huge scandal if Lisette became a single mother, they tried to convince Aidan to marry her, but he refused. They decided then raising the kid as their own. So Emma stayed home and faked a pregnancy while Lisette was sent to a convent to have her baby.

By the time the baby was due, Emma said she was going to visit Lisette at the convent and came home with Luna. Lorena had no idea her new sister was actually her niece and her parents never told her out of fear she would tell anyone, as Lorena was very honest. By that time, Lorena also became interested at swordfighting and convinced the same woman who taught her father to fight to teach her too. But the woman got sick and one year and a half later, was forced to quit training Lorena.

Two years later Lisette, who was a great musician convinced her parents to let her go to at boarding school at the city recieve musical training. Their condition was that Lorena went with her, to keep an eye on her to avoid any further scandals. Lorena, who thought they wanted her to go with her sister to recieve further training at swordfighting, was delighted.

One more year passed. Lisette being talented at singing, Lorena at fighting became famous. Lisette became a traveling bard and after graduating Lorena was invited to help protect the royal family. Lisette returned home quite a bit to be with her daughter, though and wanted badly to tell her the truth, but was aware of the scandal that would happen.

Lisette eventually fell in love and married with Albion, a mercenary hired to be her bodyguard. They fell in love and married. One year later, Lisette died giving birth to her second child.

When Luna was twelve, Lorena suffered an acident that left her a paraplegic. She returned home for treatment and told Luna stories about her adventures, that made Luna want to be a warrior just like her. As Rosemary was busy taking care of Lisette's child, Luna take care of her aunt. Lorena recovered after an year and resumed her job as a warrior.

Luna told Lorena of her dream, and while Lorena recovered, she taught Luna some swordfighting and the girl turned out to be a natural at it.

Luna was always compared to Lisette and Lorena and she was aware there were rumours she wasn't really Emma and Roy's child, yet she didn't know Lisette was actually her mother. This made Luna become very self-conscious, specially after an incident when she was nine: she was very grumpy at a ball she and her family attended and was very unpolite to everyone, and for a while people kept talking about that. While Luna's relatives said nothing about this, they were quite annoyed at Luna, who realised they were embarrassed of her behavior.

Since then, Luna became very worried about being embarrassing her family or being unpleasent and, to put it on modern terms, un-cool. Also, since Lisette's death, her family got very depressed. The letters Roy and Emma sent were sad, Albion and Rosemary were frowning... She decided someone had to smile on that family, and that that person. By that time, Luna already bottled up several feelings so people wouldn't see her as unpleasant.

Luna's pessimistic. She believes that for everything good that happens, two bad things happen. Like Lorena being promoted to a knight, then being mocked because of a love confession and becoming paraplegic. Or Lisette's pregnancy: Lisette died and months later, Albion died too.

She's quite insecure too, believing she's nothing near her sisters. Yet, she loves them dearly and feels guilty whenever she realises she's envious of them.

Luna is nostalgic, and keeps thinking about the old times. She's also fairly curious and enjoys reading, but keeps this as a secret as some of her friends believe readers to don't be cool enough.

She's also sensitive, very tolerant and tries doing her best to ease people of their troubles, as she dislikes being in trouble. Yet, she believes she causes more trouble than she solves, yet she tries helping others.

Supposed to have died at the start of the story. But doesn't dies, because someone else kidnapped death (no, really). Because of it, she's dead and alive at the same time and is capable of going from the underworld to the world of the living. Sadly, she sometimes also feels physical pain.